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NFT Development

A utility-first NFT brand of 10,001 hand-drawn 2D hyenoids scouring the world for blockchain reward to holders. stream2earn


Create a #stream2earn web3 brand for NFT adoption.

  • Strategy

    Product Development

  • Design

    An NFT Project with integration to web 2 and real world go to market products.

  • Client

    Streamillonaire DAO NFTs

Open Project
01 // Project Overview

Rebrand A Liquid (Utility)
NFT project for collectors,
investors & B2Bs.

From Concept to ideation and eventually go to market, we continue to work with the Streamillonaire DAO NFT team in developing products and managing the web3 component to scale the use cases identified in the project trademarks.

02 // Challenges

Expanding NFT use-cases
among non-traditional

The team identified the target population as new web3 and unconventional blockchain users as the primary target  obtainable market. We identified key steps to communicate the objectives, and vision of the project. This allowed us identify the project hurdles early and dedicate resources to address them.

03 // Approach

We used digital and out-of-home experiences to engage new web3 users.

We curated a full-stack blockchain project with real world scalable products and executed workflow processes that expand globally.

04 // Statistics

Project by the numbers.


NFT/WEB3 API Integrations

Decentralized Applications using NFT-as-a-Service for seamless UI/UX.


Stream2Earn Products

Product development and royalties management for community participants.

Website & Mobile App Design
05 // What We Made


Generative NFT
Art Engine

Over 200 hand drawn attributes were code generated in an AI art engine to produce 10,001 Streamillonaire DAO NFTs.

We juxtaposed cultural and ethnic attributes to adopt a wider audience. 

Smart Contract

We forked the ERC-721A smart contract by Chiru Labs and improved it with royalties;

We also developed the marketplace smart contract and the subsequent payment splitter smart contracts to execute project activities.

Minting DApp &
Web3 Management

We created a minting DApp with full backend functionality to manage merkle tree and Ethereum blockchain API call from a CLI.

Discord management and project landing pages were also developed to support the outreach.

Product Development &

At launch, we created a go-to-market #stream2earn product line and paired them to NFTs. 

We manage the OOH exposure and provide web3 analytics for scaling. 

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