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Phygital Fashion

A Fan Engagement wearable soccer jersey for fans of the Chicago based Galacticos Football FC soccer team playing in the National Soccer League Chicago Division.

  • Strategy

    NFT Implementation, Web3 Branding

  • Design

    An NFT Project with integration to web 2 and real world go to market products.

  • Client

    Galacticos FC, Chicago

Open Project
01 // Project Overview

Design a Phygital soccer jersey
and fan engagement platform
for merch holders.

Our project is to develop a web3 powered soccer fan engagement platform that enhances the globalization of a local team support through match updates, personalized content recommendations, social media integration, and gamification elements.

02 // Challenges

Deploy a web3
project architecture for
fans and team.

Designing the Galacticos merch presents exciting opportunities such as leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced transparency and security, exploring interoperability with other decentralized applications.

03 // Approach

We intersect fashion, web3,
and fan engagement
using team merch for digital profiles.

We curated a full-stack blockchain project with real world products and executed workflow processes that scale to need.

04 // Statistics

Project by the numbers.


NFT/WEB3 API Integrations

Identifiable Digital Asset using NFT-as-a-Service for player stats and interaction.


Digital Identifiable Products

Product development and royalties management for community participants.

05 // What We Made


NFT Design and

We designed a digital first team jersey and deployed it to the Ethereum blockchain via IPFS.

Smart Contract

The phygital collection smart contract was written in solidity using the Lukso Standard for Identifiable Digital Assets and deployed on the Ethereum network.

Minting &
Web3 Management

Web3 management and use case development for the new NFT 2.0 Creator economy.

e-commerce &
DApp management

e-commerce fulfillment and web3 data analytics.

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