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Fan Experience

We activated the WNDR Museum in Chicago and brought the live arena experience straight to your screens on Twitch, uniting fans from all corners of the globe for an electrifying BUBBLEBOY live performance.

  • Strategy

    NFT Implementation, Web3 Campaign

  • Design

    Web3 Campaign

  • Client

    Wolve Productions

01 // Project Overview

Live Stream a live performance for audience around the show and globally.

Tasked to stream an immersive experience and broadcasted live during the show for viewers around the event location and online for fans around the world. We injected web3 by creating a token-gated experience for non present fans willing to participate in the event in real time.

02 // Challenges

Navigating BUBBLEBOY challenges.

Streaming the BUBBLEBOY performance brought its own set of challenges. From bandwidth battles to tech hiccups, we faced it all to make sure fans worldwide had a seamless live experience. Behind the scenes, the show must goes on!

03 // Approach

Crafting the 'Bubbleboy' livestream was a finely orchestrated symphony of design brilliance, precise timing, rigorous rehearsals, and lightning-fast troubleshooting. We seamlessly combined these elements to deliver a flawless live performance experience

We envision future project to implement live audiences gated by web3 for the optimal fan experience governed by sound fan tokenomics.

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